Our Foundation

Dolphin Capital Foundation (“DCF”) is a non-profit charitable entity dedicated to helping the surrounding regional communities and the natural environments where Dolphin invests, by donating to various charitable endeavours.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a cornerstone of Dolphin’s culture. We try to be open about our approach and business and welcome interaction with all our stakeholders and the local communities.

Our aim is to provide excellent returns to our shareholders while in parallel to contribute in meaningful ways to the local economies, societies and environments, with the aim of bringing long lasting prosperity to the regions where we invest.

To date, DCF has already made key contributions such as enviromental equipment provision, sponsorships, scholarships and other educational and health support to the local communities. Further progress in charitable activities is planned over the coming months as Dolphin seeks to balance shareholder returns with CSR.

Dolphin is a member of the Hellenic Network for CSR, a Hellenic non-profit association aiming to raise awareness of the business community and the general public on CSR activities, to network and collaborate with enterprises and organisations, to mobilise and develop partnerships for the promotion of the social projects and to adapt and disseminate good practices in the area of CSR.

The developments in which we are involved touch the lives of many people and we are mindful of the social responsibilities those investments bring.

Over the past two years DCF funds were used to:

  • Provide environmental maintenance equipment to the areas of The Porto Heli Collection, Sitia Bay and Lavender Bay
  • Provide scholarships to local students with exceptional academic performance
  • Finance an awareness campaign on environmental issues (such as initiatives to protect the sea turtles in the Mediterranean)
  • Finance research activities of the Harvard School of Public Health in Cyprus
  • Renovation of a church in Greece destroyed by an earthquake
  • Provide IT equipment to local schools
  • Finance initiatives for less privileged children in Greece and Cyprus
  • Provide emergency aid relief from flooding in the Lavender Bay area
  • Provide emergency aid relief for the earthquake in Haiti
  • Provide emergency aid relief for the cholera outbreak in Haiti