One of the top tourism destinations worldwide

The birthplace of European civilization, Greece today offers the traveller the comforts of modern Europe in close proximity to the stark beauty of the ancient world. The mountains and terrains of the mainland, surrounded by 13,676 km of coastline washed by the glittering sea, are beautifully juxtaposed to the austere 1,000 islands scattered throughout the calm blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Constantly ranked as one of the top tourism destinations in the world, Greece offers to the discerning traveller not only luxury and stunning landscapes, but also adventure, serenity, culinary experiences, a bustling nightlife and a number of outdoor activities.

Tourism amounts for 18% of GDP, and is poised for growth as a number of high end international brands are developing properties in the market. In 2018, tourist arrivals and revenues posted new records in Greece. According to the provisional data issued by the Bank of Greece, more than 30 million tourists arrived in Greece, a rise of 10.8%, while travel revenues exceeded €16 billion for the year, 10% up compared to 2017.